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What Are Subluxations?

How Bilan Chiropractic Can Help

A subluxation is like a little hiccup in the alignment of a joint, often seen in the spine. When bones in a joint slip slightly out of place, it can disrupt the joint’s function and even press on nearby nerves, leading to discomfort and potential issues.


Signs and Symptoms of Subluxations

The impact of a subluxation can manifest in various ways depending on where it occurs and how severe it is. From localized pain and stiffness to radiating discomfort and muscle spasms, the effects can be quite diverse. In more serious instances, nerve compression may result in sensations like numbness, tingling, and weakness in the limbs.

Common Conditions Linked to Subluxations

At Bilan Chiropractic, we often see patients who are struggling with the following symptoms:

How Our Anchorage Chiropractor Can Help

At Bilan Chiropractic, our dedicated team aims to tackle subluxations head-on through skilled manual adjustments. Utilizing a range of techniques, our chiropractors work to realign the wayward bones back to their rightful positions, restoring normal joint function and relieving pressure on surrounding tissues. This approach not only helps reduce pain but also enhances mobility and promotes overall musculoskeletal wellness.

Comprehensive Care for Lasting Relief

In addition to chiropractic adjustments, our practice may incorporate additional therapies like massage, targeted stretching exercises, and personalized lifestyle recommendations. These complementary treatments are designed to bolster the healing process, prevent future subluxations, and support your journey towards optimal health.

Ready to prioritize your well-being and address those nagging subluxations? Book a visit with Bilan Chiropractic today to start your path to a healthier, happier you.



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