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Anchorage Chiropractor Reviews

Our Community Loves Bilan Chiropractic!


I went to Dr. Bilan on an emergency; my shoulders hurt so bad I could barely move. A friend from work recommended him. I called them up and at first they wanted me to wait until Monday like another place I called before them. But the young lady on the phone could hear the pain in my voice and asked if I could be there in the next 30 minutes. I got over there as fast as possible. I sat with Dr. B and got some other treatments before I saw him. As we talked he asked me DO YOU TRUST ME? My reply was NO. We both laughed but I still didn’t. He adjusted me on Wednesday, and Thursday he asked me again did I trust him my answer was the same no. Thursday night I slept better then I had in many years every night I had to take something to help me sleep that night I did not and slept through the whole night. Friday I saw him again and before he could ask I had to let him know Doc now I trust you and thank you for making me feel better than I had in years. I asked him to marry me; he said we already have trust issues and we laughed. Thank you soooo much for helping me feel so much better.

~Marie K.

I first became a patient of Bilan Chiropractic in 2006. At my first visit I felt very comfortable with Dr. Bilan because he not only inquired about my physical health, but asked about me as a person. The level of service I receive when I get an adjustment or therapy is amazing! Like most mothers, my family’s health and well-being are important to me, that is why my entire family chooses Bilan Chiropractic.

When talking about Bilan Chiropractic, you can’t help but adore the staff. Each time I call or have an appointment I am always treated friendly and professional. Like Dr. Bilan, the staff also cares about each patient and they take the time to get to know everyone. As such, the atmosphere is relaxing, which makes getting treatment more enjoyable.

I would like to thank Dr. Bilan and his staff for all of their continued excellent care of me and my family.

~Ann Gibbs

I have been a patient of Bilan Chiropractic for a couple of years and honestly do not know what I did before Dr. Bilan.

For years I had severe lower back pain which resulted in sleepless nights, headaches, fatigue, and an overall sense of an unwell body. From the very first visit, the staff, as well as Dr. Bilan himself, made me feel at ease and that everything would be okay. I would find myself looking forward to my appointments, not only for the pain relief, but also for the staff themselves. It is very refreshing to not feel like another number, but actually know that the office knows and remembers you.

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Most recently, life had gotten away from me and I stopped seeing Dr. Bilan. In the last 8 months, I have gone through pneumonia, ear infections, and chronic allergies (which I had never had before in my life). Was it a coincidence that during this time I had not gone to see Dr. Bilan? Well, after a few adjustments, I am inhaler free, my nose is unplugged and I can smell, and I have had the best sleep in 8 months. I do believe that my healing is a product of the care I am receiving from Bilan Chiropractic.

Thank you Dr. Bilan and the ladies in the office for everything you do for your patients!

~Deonna Peltier

After surgery May 10th I was experiencing mid back pain that traveled around to the front of my rib cage. The pain was partially due to being stationary for two months while my body healed from surgery. I wasn’t getting the results I had hoped for from other chiropractors so at the recommendation of the Bob and Mark show on KWHL I made an appointment to meet Dr. Bilan. After multiple adjustments and intersegmental traction I am pain free. I sleep better and don’t experience back discomfort while working at my desk as I had felt for several months.

Today I am back doing sprint triathlons, playing hockey, strength training and cardio training. With the different resources Bilan Chiropractic has my body was able to heal steadily and safely.

~Mindy M.

Active octogenarian bodies need assistance to stay in tune. At 81 & 84 years of age we couldn’t function without the help of Dr. Bilan. Chiropractic is a major and regular part of our everyday health care program. Dr. Bilan is also there for us when we forget we’re not 60 or 70 years old again and put our spine into painful situations! We can count on Dr. Bilan for whatever fixing needs to be done! Easily, painlessly, and with a healing hug to top off the treatment! His staff is competent, courteous, cheerful and most helpful. We look forward to our visits to the clinic.

~Gene & Dolores R

I began experiencing severe hip and low back pain several years ago. I tried traditional medicine, since I was raised to believe there was no such thing as a good chiropractor. I was given medication and a prescription for physical therapy and sent on my way. This happened a few times before I got frustrated and thought about consulting with a chiropractor.
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I made my appointment with Dr. Bilan. I was very nervous, since I had no idea what to expect. My positive experience began when I came into the office to pick up my initial paperwork. The staff was wonderful at putting me at ease. The questionnaire was quite extensive and when I came in for my visit, Dr. Bilan went over the entire questionnaire with me. I went in hoping for a miracle and got one. I walked without pain for the first time in at least 3 years, and that was after the FIRST adjustment.

I wish I hadn’t waited so long to try an alternative treatment. I feel wonderful and I am able to do things that I only thought of doing about a month ago. Thanks, Dr. Bilan

~Jayme C.

On several occasions I have been adjusted by Dr. Bilan. My visits are always anticipated and enjoyable. Not only are the results phenomenal but the visit is professional and personal. Dr. Bilan is not only a great doctor, but also a great friend. He is truly interested in the patient and his total well being. I have referred many people to Bilan Chiropractic and will continue to do so. I look forward to my next visit.

~Pastor Gregg C.

I love the staff at Bilan Chiropractic. The ladies are always super friendly and accommodating with my busy schedule and I can count on Dr. Bilan to put a smile on my face with his great sense of humor. He is genuinely concerned about my health and wellness and takes time to ensure I leave well adjusted, both physically and mentally. They are like one happy family and they include their patients as part of the family.

~Kris J.

I have been consistently impressed with the professional nature of the staff — from the ladies at the front desk and business office, the massage therapists, and the technicians in the therapy room. Everyone has always been cheerful and friendly.

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As a working, busy, mom of two, I often put my health and well-being behind the kids. I was having mid- and lower back pain, stiffness in my neck and shoulders and regular headaches. All to be expected, right? After seeing Dr. Bilan I feel much better and know I am able to do my many jobs better because I feel better.

Recently my teenage daughter has come in for adjustments, as well. Dr. Bilan has been kind and compassionate from my first visit and I know that I’m in good hands with him and his staff. I would recommend Bilan Chiropractic to anyone!

~Angela L.

I have been a patient of Bilan Chiropractic for years and am very impressed with the all the staff there. They are always professional, friendly and accommodating. Like Doctor Bilan, they truly care about my well being. Doctor Bilan is a great chiropractor who treats all his patients with respect and immediately puts you at ease with his humor. I’d recommend anyone in need of chiropractic services to contact Bilan Chiropractic.

~Aina L.

As a novice to chiropractic care I wasn’t sure what to expect when I first went to Bilan Chiropractic. I really wasn’t aware of how poor I felt. I was just going in to support my husband who I felt really was in need of a chiropractor. As it turns out, we were both in need.

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I am always greeted with warm smiles, professional and friendly faces from the front door all the way to the treatment room. Dr. B always takes time to make me feel comfortable and informed. He has a kind and gentle touch, his sense of humor is only a bonus. It is so much more than spine care, it really is full body care. I have never felt better and can now sit without hurting.

My husband had an accident nine years ago that left him with a cervical fusion. He has suffered from headaches just about daily. Many physicians from the past have told him to take over the counter medications and learn to deal with it. Within about a week of seeing Dr. B the headaches are gone, truly amazing!

Bilan Chiropractic has by far exceeded our expectations in chiropractic care, they are our new way of life! Call them today, they really can help!!!

~Melanee P.

Stubborn determination has been a key element in my victory over assorted medical challenges, such as multiple cancer battles and unpredictable autoimmune diseases. A personal sense of medical invincibility was shattered as the mild discomfort in my lumbar region gradually morphed into incapacitating pain. At only 29 years old, I had finally fallen victim to a health issue that I was powerless to fix on my own: chronic back pain.

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I eventually accepted the severity of my symptoms and made the first appointment with Bilan Chiropractic following a discussion with one of their established patients (my enviably pain-free husband, the poster child for chiropractic efficacy). Upon arriving for my initial evaluation, I was in awe of the comfortable and inviting atmosphere, a true rarity per my extensive experience throughout the North American medical community. Relaxed patients, friendly staff, and warm décor were the first hints that my new healthcare relationship was destined to be genuinely therapeutic. The introductory exam confirmed the sad condition of my poor spine, and so the treatments began.

To label my health’s improvement at the hands of Dr. Bilan and his staff as merely “successful” is a gross understatement. Their talent transcends simple technical ability, and ventures into the realms of outright nurturing of their patients’ overall health. For the first time in years, I can participate in my favorite activities without the threat of intense pain. Wintertime passions of gourmet cooking and indoor speed skating are once again enjoyable; summertime will bring painless indulgence in my old hobbies of kayaking, hiking, and fly-fishing. The drug-free relief administered during regular adjustments has proven to be a life-changing event not only to myself, but also to other Bilan Chiropractic patients with whom I’ve chatted.

However, I do harbor one regret regarding this journey to a happy backbone: I waited far too long before pursuing quality chiropractic care!

~Jordan R.

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