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What to Expect

Are you ready to begin a new chapter in your life and see how chiropractic can help? We welcome you to begin care alongside our compassionate team. Let’s get started!

Your First Visit

{PJ} Chiropractic ReceptionWhen you arrive for your first visit, we’ll sit down with you and listen to how you are and what’s going on with your health. Then, we’ll do an examination and X-rays. After a brief review of what we found (and if you’re ready), we can begin care.

Most insurance covers our services, and our doctors are approved Preferred Providers for Blue Cross/Blue Shield. Please plan to spend around one and a half hours with us on this visit.

When You Return

At your second visit with us, we’ll explain in more detail our findings from your examination. We’ll discuss our recommended plan to move forward with care so you can achieve your health goals. We’ll customize chiropractic care and therapies around your specific needs and preferences.

{PJ} Chiropractic Examination RoomForever Well

While our first goal is to help you heal, we want to empower you further. Once we hear how your home life is, we can understand more about your health needs. We’ll talk about improving your lifestyle, so you’re always making healthy choices. Covering all aspects of health beyond chiropractic care, allows you to have well-rounded health!

We provide plenty of information and exercises you can do at home. We’ll support you and provide solutions to your lifestyle such as helping preventing poor posture and stress at work.

Ready to get started? Let’s go! Give us a call today and let’s setup a time to meet you and show you how we can help. (907) 569-1123

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